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Cheryle T. Ricks is the President, Founder & CEO of The Women Empowerment Circle, LLC. Further, she is a mother of four, the grandmother of seven, a published author, a poet, a motivational speaker, an ordained minister, and a former paralegal.

She is a native Baltimorean who has lived in many different stations of life. She is an Alumna of Baltimore City Community College and Morgan State University.

Cheryle has allowed God to heal her soul. She has spent many years ministering to women at different stages of their lives with the sole purpose of helping them see their value and worth by teaching them how to receive real love, in spite of the abuse or the circumstances that they have been through. As a woman who has experienced abuse and no self esteem herself, she understands the importance of having the appropriate validation every woman needs. Her insight enables women to get to the root cause for the emptiness that many women feel by helping them see the reality of their realities. Cheryle has learned through her relationship with God that there is nothing that can disqualify anyone from having the life that Jesus Christ died for all of us to have. Motivated by the love of God, Cheryle shows women how to receive healing and restoration by taking the time to process those life challenges that they have left unresolved for most of their lives while walking with each of them every step of the way.




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