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                           THE WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CIRCLE, LLC



Our purpose is to equip women to become better able to care for themselves and their families in order to impact their communities for positive change.


Mission Statement:


Our mission is to share books, articles, workshops, and other powerful resources to help equip women to become the instrument for change to help bring wholeness to the communities they live.


The Sister Circle:


The sister circle is a support group that allows women to come together to vent their frustrations, challenges, and fears and find support, encouragement and resources by forging relationships and partnerships with one another.


Our Passion Points:


  • Achieving wholeness by building Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

  • Developing a mind-set to promote each woman’s Self-Care

  • Lessons for Self-Acceptance and growing healthy relationships

  • The importance of being a sister not a girlfriend

  • The necessity and the benefits of a sister circle

  • The power of sisterhood in obtaining self-fulfillment

  • Partnerships and their importance to true unity

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