The Power Of Sisterhood


This book is written with courage and bracing honesty. The author, before she does anything else, shares her own story of pain and confusion, thereby making it clear that she writes from a well of understanding. This is not some abstract checklist of what it takes to be a whole woman; rather, it is a heartfelt guide composed by a woman who has suffered through and survived the very challenges she wants to help other women overcome. Every woman should give this book to at least one other woman, and certainly every mother to her daughter. And it must be pointed out: no man will be the poorer for reading this for a better understanding of how very different a woman’s struggles and needs are from his own.


Hello My Sisters,

This is Ms. Sister Circle, Cheryle T. Ricks. Come out to The Sister Circle Gathering and connect with other Sisters who desire a real Sister-to-Sister relationship that uplifts, encourages and binds while having fun doing what Sisters like to do. This gathering promises to empower you to live the life you want in spite of the life you have! Bring another Sister who is looking for a one of a kind experience.


The cost is $10.00 which includes light refreshments and an evening you will always remember with positive connections with other ladies that will last beyond the Sister Circle Gathering!


Tickets can be purchased by clicking link below or you may pay at the door for a cost of $12.00 with cash, check or charge.


If you don't already have your copy of my Life Changing Book, Sister Circle: The Power Of Sisterhood-A Guide To Becoming The Woman God Designed You To Be you can purchase it for an additional $12.00 at the door.




To Be Announced.


The weekly Sister Circle Conference call is Every Sunday from 6:00pm-6:45pm. Let's stay connected, encouraged and supported!


The number is 1-712-432-1212

The access code is 322 866 141


For Information, Please Call Cheryle T. Ricks at 443-447-7267 or by email at



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Every woman should have a mentor or friend they can look to for advice during both the challenging and joyful times in life. Cheryle T. Ricks is that friend and through her conversational style of writing, you feel as if she’s right next to you as you read. Her transparency lends authenticity to her life story and credibility to her wise words. You’ll walk away from this book feeling as if you’ve made a new friend. 

Erika Bennett, Xulon Press Editor


There is universally sound advice here for struggling men, as well: “…you are not the mistakes you make.

Xulon Press



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